The Company

No Stress Movers has been serving consumers (we like to call them People), local celebrities, businesses both small and large, educational groups from day cares to high schools to Universities, and local government associated agencies (think Women’s assistance and housing assistance organizations). We got started in 2015 with alot of heart and hard work and built our reputation for ALWAYS showing up, ready to work like YOUR life depends on it. Because it kinda does… to us at least. We are centered in Philly/South Jersey but we ❤️ the WHOLE East Coast!

The Owner

Chicago migrant, father of five sons, and a lover of Philadelphia since 1985, Devin Latimore, is best known for his intelligence, honesty, loyalty, and cool head under pressure. He brought his mechanically inclined, data centric, analytical nature to the household goods moving industry with innovations such as our proprietary Location Management System. The average move client doesn’t get or need to see this system, but it allows us to take even more stress off the backs and shoulders of our clients by systemizing key critical yet often loosely tracked and then disposed of data.
Devin has vowed to all his current, and future clients that we will never NOT show up! We’re like the Post Office (just much faster lol) we will move you through the heat, the rain, and the snow! Unless it’s a national weather emergency of course 🙂

The Mission

Let’s be honest… moving as an industry is boring. And moving – as a function of relocating your life or business – is stressful. The reasons are varied but there’s a common thread that runs through them all. Something now is coming to an end, whether by choice or circumstance, and now we MUST make a new beginning, whether we like or love it… or not…
“ So our mission is to deliver love and make moving less boring and less stressful by making it easier, faster, cheaper, simpler, more hands off, more sensible, more informative, more secure (give you that “best friend that always has your back” trust), and more helpful (even if we aren’t the best option for your move) ”
Side note, in case you’re curious about our definition of love, click here for an article written personally by Devin (company owner) (link and article to be developed)
By the way, our product and service offering is not complete (and hopefully never will be, like any consistently innovative company – we’re always improving) – and we can’t wait to unveil some of the stuff we’re working on!